Straight Line Design

Case Study: Appliance Manufacturer

case study - fridge manufacturer

The Opportunity

Our client was faced with poor ergonomics in their assembly line that was causing work-related injuries.  The entire process was also heavily dependent on the operator. These factors combined resulted in low production quality and led to a high degree of rework.

The Challenge

Before meeting with us, moving their entire production overseas might have been their only option.

It was becoming more and more challenging to find a way to increase the rate of production, minimize work related injuries, and increase quality.

Our Solution

A key step in the assembly process required the operator to install hardware in a location that, over time, would lead to work injuries because they would have to be hunched over to reach down into a refrigerator unit.

We designed and built a robotic arm that installed this hardware, and also created greater efficiency in their production process, resulting in the following:

  • An improved cycle
  • Better ergonomics
  • Increased quality of production
  • Eliminated operator injuries
  • Reduced rework
  • Minimized labor costs

This has allowed our client to remain in the US and still compete in the global marketplace with companies who do business overseas.

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