Straight Line Design

Our Team

Rafael ‘Rafa’ Hernandez

Engineer, founder, owner, innovator, outdoors-man, husband, and father. These are all words that can describe Rafael Hernandez.

“Rafa”, as he likes to be called, is a quiet, sincere, intelligent, and athletic individual who generally doesn’t like to talk about himself. And while he could be characterized as a “doer” rather than a “talker”, his knowledge and expertise go a long way.

At a very young age, he learned to appreciate the great outdoors. Growing up in Mexico, he was an avid rollerblader and spent his time designing and constructing ramps to facilitate his hobby. His passion for the outdoors was not a passing phase. Today, he is often found mountain biking, skiing, or riding his motorcycle. Rafa is always open for an adventure! In fact, he is currently training for his first Ironman this October.

Just as an Ironman combines different physical disciplines, so does being the founder and owner of SLINED. And while his profession is business and engineering, Rafa understands that he brings only a certain capacity to the table. He knows that without his fellow engineers and employees, his business would not be possible.

Each person brings their own strengths. Along with this come mistakes. How people react when they make a mistake is very important to me.”

SLINED is a second home for Rafa, and his team mates, a family of sorts. When looking for additions to his team, Rafa says “Education, and experience are important. But having the right attitude is paramount.” When all the members are working cohesively together, that is when the heart of SLINED really shines!

Maria ‘Mary La Elegida’ Castro
Office Administrator

I love working at SLINED! Every day I’m learning how to run a business the right way.  Rafa’s administrator has opened my eyes to what kind of person it takes to run a business.  It’s great coming into a workplace that already has effective office systems in place.

It’s my job to keep the office running smoothly, organized, AND clean! We often have clients touring our office. I’m the one behind the scrumptious treats.

When I’m not working in SLINED, I’m playing drums at church! One day the drummer didn’t show up, they put drum sticks in my hands, and the rest is history. I love music and writing rap songs for the Lord. I find a beat or rhythm that guides my pen, and the words just start coming.  If I’m not playing the drums, you’ll find me playing football with my family! I have a pretty good arm for a girl!

Marco ‘Karaoke’ Flores, CNC Machinist
CNC Programmer & Operator

I enjoy the different aspects of my job, which include manufacturing, welding, and design. SLINED offers me a place to exercise my vocation.  I started as a carpenter and soon realized my true calling was being a machinist.  I enjoy being a part of a growing company that offers a lot flexibility and customization.  We really know our niche, and our team is always growing its knowledge and expertise. In my 20 years as a machinist, I’ve come to realize this is a rare trait.

I like to spend my spare time with family.  My wife and I have been married 19- or is it 20 years? (Don’t tell my wife I forgot).  I am the father of 2 boys and 1 girl.

I am a karaoke machine. My favorite artists include Juan Gabriel, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Phil Collins, Jose Jose, Beatles.  Put a mic in my hand and any soundtrack from  the 80’s in English and Spanish, and I’m off! My all time favorite song is “La Muerte Del Palomo” (Death of the Dove), and if my grandparents are any indicator, I’ll be singing well into my 90’s!

Gabriel ‘Gabo’ Moreno, Electrical Engineer
Application Engineer

I create, update, and modernize electrical diagram designs. I’m also responsible for integrating Programming Logic Controllers into our machinery.  I use my programming skills to troubleshoot and repair equipment. I appreciate that SLINED provides a work environment where I can grow and develop as an Engineer.

My favorite part of work at SLINED is being part of a process that takes an idea from conception to reality.  We create and we solve problems for our clients. It’s exciting to see an idea being transformed into equipment that helps our clients take their ideas to the marketplace.

Outside of work, I will throw on a pair of running shoes and hit the pavement.  I ran 400 meter hurdles with UTEP’s track team, and I’ve participated in Pan American, and Central American competitions during my high school days.  Another favorite past time is canvas oil painting, focusing on nature scenes and abstract art. Since a child I was enrolled in painting classes. Starry Night is my favorite Van Gogh.

Baldo ‘Baldoom’ Fuentes, CNC Machinist
Manufacturing Supervisor

It’s my job to have all the tools and materials at the right time for all our projects. I make sure our team has a well prioritized task list. It’s also my job to make sure the shop is clean and organized.

It’s great when you arrive to work and everyone gets along because projects go well and get done on timely schedules.  Rafa makes it easy to work here.  Plus, a lot of our work consists of designing and manufacturing custom parts.  This makes coming to work interesting and challenging. I love creating and fixing.  Our work at SLINED consists of helping our clients solve issues and creating equipment that improves their businesses.

In my free time, I can be OCD about puzzles. I own a huge drafting table just for doing 2000 piece puzzles. I also use it to create puzzles from scratch, from Van Gogh’s Starry Night to the old world map.  I’m also highly addicted to CrossFit and competitions.  My family introduced me to CrossFit when all I could think of was video games.  One day I finally got tired feeling tired and lazy. Next thing you know, I’m a CrossFit addict. The cool part is my wife prefers that over video games and now we CrossFit together.