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Vision Systems

A computerized vision system plays a critical role in quality control inspections, assembly verification, and more.

Our vision systems gather data from images, video, or sensors and then evaluate the data with variables that have been programmed into it in order to fulfill predefined tasks.

A vision system can help you find and deal with defects in real time with near 100% reliability, thus improving the quality of your product or components.


Robotic arms are designed and programmed to assemble, pick up, place, sort, and package any number of components or products. They can also work in conjunction with vision systems to improve production for our clients.

Robotic arms can prove incredibly helpful. There is seldom any need for a specialist to operate and maintain, giving your team minimum maintenance work, with added reliability.

Robotics can be applied to your business in more ways than you could imagine. Ask us how.


We use control systems to operate equipment, machinery, processes, and other applications with minimal or reduced human intervention. Some tasks can be completely automated while others are more suitable for semi-automation.

Automation reduces labor costs, and it can also be used to save energy, materials and to improve quality, accuracy and precision.


A lot of our clients’ work consists of custom parts and designs that in turn automate or facilitate production of industrial, commercial, and consumer products.

We create specialty parts that our clients need. But we don’t stop there, we combine it with exceptional customer service that our clients rave about.

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