Straight Line Design

Case Study: Medical Manufacturer

case study - medical

The Opportunity

After a production optimization evaluation, a medical company discovered opportunities to regain lost revenues and reduce time delays in their production.

The product was being contaminated due to poor seals and inconsistency in visual inspections.

Their process required a great deal of interaction with the operator and was very dependent on manual work, making it more prone to human error.

The Challenge

The challenge was to improve the packaging seal of the medical product, and create a consistent inspection process to increase quality control, minimize delivery times, and reduce waste.

Our Solution

We developed a Semi-Automatic Vision System that moves the product through a packaging and vision system.

The inspection is performed by an automatic vision system and the product is processed by robotic arms, thereby limiting or eliminating errors.

The process continues to have manual labor, however specs and quality is verified by robotics built into the equipment.

The system we built for this client reduced product packaging deficiencies and improved the quality of seals, with the end result of fewer product recalls.

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