Straight Line Design

Case Study: Local Engineering Firm

If you’ve worked with an engineering and manufacturing company before, you’re familiar with common issues that come up because they aren’t local:

  • Flying sample pieces back and forth until the correct one is produced.

  • Only having email and phone calls to communicate.

  • Losing days and weeks due to time lapses between emails, phone calls, and flying parts, and continuing to repeat this process.

That’s exactly what our most recent clients experienced, who was working with a northern US based company that provided all their services.

Their lead time has improved dramatically since we joined their team.  Personal face to face visits allow us to have actual inspections of where and how manufacturing parts were being used. Being local allowed us to deliver sample parts in a matter of hours, right to the source.

With local delivery, direct interaction with their equipment, and our automation systems, we were able to resolve their issues in record speed and drastically reduced the amount of time they had to wait for much needed manufacturing parts.

We have since improved our own process.  Now we can fly our team members directly to your facilities and give you the next best experience of having a locally based engineering firm working with you.

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